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Tech Update : Patrol Visibility and Patrol Paths

There’s new gameplay in town! Stealth! With that being said, it’s implemented in a way that uses a visibility meter. Below shows how your visibility changes based upon an lit area vs. darkness and whether or not an object is obstructing the NPCs view of you or if you’re quite frankly just hiding behind something. […]

Tech Update : Patrol Setup

We are lucky and so grateful to our coders of this game! With their vast insights this tutorial was formed to help the non-coders with being able to manually put the NPCs in their environment wherever may they please!

Tech Update : Seamless Levels

Systems Design: Environments integrated as a whole for a seamless experience between the different environments in the city block. The different environments in the city block were connected along the main street. Having everything set up connected would help the environment artists get an idea of what they had modeled so far looks/works correctly. The […]