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Final Environment : Arcade

The arcade was one of the environments that was tricky with color scheme. The many variety of games posed the question of how to keep it cohesive? That where the usage of emissives came in! Although, the arcade does stray away from the overall color scheme of the game, it utilizes colors still found throughout. […]

Final Environment : Bar

This beautiful bar ensemble showcases the mood essence of the game with it’s luxurious pinks, blues and purples. The lighting accents of those of enormous lava lamps along with the budding flower hanging chandeliers and A nice flower circuitry on the main bar wall.

Final Environment : Sewer System

The Sewer tunnels are now mapped out, textured and lit appropriately to render the environment useful in navigating around. It’s vital the player must get through without being seen or caught by the NPCs in order to finish the game. Below are some final renders of the mood and look of the final Sewer tunnels […]