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Environment Update : Arcade

The arcade was one of the environments that was tricky with color scheme. The many variety of games posed the question of how to keep it cohesive? That where the usage of emissives came in! Although, the arcade does stray away from the overall color scheme of the game, it utilizes colors still found throughout. […]

Environment Update : Bar

With more objects added to the bar, the more the setting dressing got tweaked to maximize space and look. The type of lighting and how it was going to be displayed came into question and it was decided on use huge lava lamps instead of the generic light setup.

Environment Update : Sewer System

The Sewer tunnels are a system of twisting and turning underground passageways that the player must navigate in order to get to the final environment, the Secret Lab! Enemies are lurking throughout, waiting for the character to show their selves. Be care, use diligence to roam around these robotic nuances! Below shows the progression of […]

Environment Update : Secret Lab

During alpha level, all of the environments were pieced together to create their respective scene designs. The Secret Lab’s objects are all completed and UV’d with representational designs and place holder textures. The lighting was also experimental with how the mood will be presented (Not Shown).