Press Kit
Press Kit for Lo-fi Noire featuring facts, a basic description, and media like logos and in-game screenshots.

Lo-fi Noire Press Kit

Download the Lo-fi Noire Press Kit as a .zip: (Includes Logo and Screenshot Files)

Lo-fi Noire Facts

Release Date : Unknown

Development Starting Date : June 23, 2020

Development Location : Remote Work within the USA

Platforms : PC/Mac on Steam

Regular Price : $10.00 USD

Game Website :

Developer Contact :

Lo-fi Noire Description

Singleplayer Mystery RPG Adventure Game

A detective’s investigation in a retro, lo-fi city.

Lo-fi Noire Publications and Press Releases

Lo-fi Noire Quotes

“It’s a little too retro” – Mamais

Lo-fi Noire Logos

Lo-fi Noire Screenshots

Lo-fi Noire Teaser Video

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