New Environment : Plant Shop

Plant Shop

Another new environment that’s introduced is the Plant Shop! As of right now this place houses the creator of the original plant that’s causing havoc! Plant shop owner is either a very nice girl or sassy or in on the whole scheme of the Corporation. She’s mad at the fact that the Corporation tricked her and are instead abusing the vines vs. using them they way they initially told her. She wants a plant sample in exchange for the key she possesses (she has it because she works for the Corporation). She’s willing to betray the Corporation because they betrayed her and her precious vines. Below are some items to be found within the shop and the shop blockout.

New Environment : Arcade


There’s a few new environments being incorporated into the game, one of which is the arcade. The feel of the arcade is 80’s retro with a few futurist looking games. As of right now the arcade is going to act as a huge color pattern puzzle. The clue will be on the wall and it will show the color pattern that you have to mimic with the actual arcade machines in order to get the token from the arcade. Should you get the combination wrong everything turns unlit and the clue on the wall restarts.

New Environment : Bar


The Bar is also a new environment that’s introduced. As of now the bartender is the bad boy and very shady and happens to find the key which he places it around his neck but will not give it up until you give him something in return. He wants something from the sewer. The item is in the same room as the power switch for the sewer. Someone stole his guitar but that person, consequently, got caught by the vines and dragged into the sewer with the guitar. The bartender was initially in hot pursuit of the guy until he saw him get pulled down by the vines and then that’s when he decided “nope,” he wouldn’t be next so he didn’t go after him. The bartender only has the empty guitar case to show of his stolen beloved guitar. Below shows the blockout of the bar, fitted with ample amount of different seating, lighting and retro futurist decor and circuitry!

Tech Update : Seamless Levels

City Block

Systems Design:
Environments integrated as a whole for a seamless experience between the different environments in the city block.

The different environments in the city block were connected along the main street.

Having everything set up connected would help the environment artists get an idea of what they had modeled so far looks/works correctly.

The environments being set up helped techs to make sure gameplay progression was getting into the game in a more final, non-player zoo state.

Materials for Alpha

Categories: Art
Substance Designer Materials

Substance Designer

This is the start of a library of Substance Designer Materials made for this projects. In order to unify the style, the modelers will be able to use these materials in both Unreal and Substance Painter. There are multiple variations of metals, cloths, and building materials.

Environment Update : Secret Lab

Secret Lab Scene

During alpha level, all of the environments were pieced together to create their respective scene designs. The Secret Lab’s objects are all completed and UV’d with representational designs and place holder textures. The lighting was also experimental with how the mood will be presented (Not Shown).

Detective Caia’s Jacket

Detective Jacket Design

Shortly after alpha level the design of the Detective jacket was also conceptualized. The design choice is based upon the 80’s trendy look with neon Lo-fi Noire feel. It also shares elements inspired by the design of the team logo. The 80’s glasses with a glare on the back of the jacket is reminiscent of the fact that she’s a detective that actively looks for clues with a keen eye. The jacket is also lined with a neon glow to further push the narrative of Lo-fi Noire.

Alpha Build

Alleyway / Crime Scene : Overhead Gameplay View

We now are able to play the game from start to finish, with placeholder environments and textures. No checkerboard 🙂 All the dialogue and internal dialogue for the crime scene alley way has been completed. UI assets have started to get implemented by

Character Models for Alpha

Character Model : Symbiotic

For the alpha we needed to test the gameplay speed with placeholder characters for the representation of the poly count and texture maps size along with the animations applied tot he character in-game. This will help us experience the real time frame rate. To do this I used Zbrush’s dynamesh/Zremesher to get manageable polycounts, UV master to unwrap the Uv’s, Poly Paint for the base textures, and exported the assets for our character TD to bring them in-game.