New Environment : Bar


The Bar is also a new environment that’s introduced. As of now the bartender is the bad boy and very shady and happens to find the key which he places it around his neck but will not give it up until you give him something in return. He wants something from the sewer. The item is in the same room as the power switch for the sewer. Someone stole his guitar but that person, consequently, got caught by the vines and dragged into the sewer with the guitar. The bartender was initially in hot pursuit of the guy until he saw him get pulled down by the vines and then that’s when he decided “nope,” he wouldn’t be next so he didn’t go after him. The bartender only has the empty guitar case to show of his stolen beloved guitar. Below shows the blockout of the bar, fitted with ample amount of different seating, lighting and retro futurist decor and circuitry!