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Texture, prop and environment artist.

Final Environment : Bar

This beautiful bar ensemble showcases the mood essence of the game with it’s luxurious pinks, blues and purples. The lighting accents of those of enormous lava lamps along with the budding flower hanging chandeliers and A nice flower circuitry on the main bar wall.

Environment Update : Bar

With more objects added to the bar, the more the setting dressing got tweaked to maximize space and look. The type of lighting and how it was going to be displayed came into question and it was decided on use huge lava lamps instead of the generic light setup.

New Environment : Bar

The Bar is also a new environment that’s introduced. As of now the bartender is the bad boy and very shady and happens to find the key which he places it around his neck but will not give it up until you give him something in return. He wants something from the sewer. The item […]

Decal Design : Graffiti

Categories: Art

Decal Design: Initial decal designs for graffiti in the alleyway and along the street. Includes five graffiti decals for use in the environment to enhance the lived-in feel of the world.